To prevent falling?Biden has recently wore this sports shoes many times to quote heated discussion

World Daily reported that the sharp -eyed netizens noticed that the presidentWorshipRecently, when the suit leather show appeared in the public sight, many times did not wear formal leather shoes, but a pair of black sneakers.

INSIDE EDITION first reported the news in February. At that time, Biden was about to departUS -Mexico borderInspect, get outWhite HouseWhen he was on the Air Force No. 1, the on -site media photographed him wearing a pair of black sneakers.The report found that these sports shoes come from the well -known outdoor sports brand HOKA. It is its HOKA Transport model. It is characterized by thick soles. The official website marks it to provide high comfort and strong support, suitable for hiking and daily use.At present, the price of these sneakers on the official website is $ 175.

Netizens began to be curious, do we wear such sports shoes to help the presidential fall?Biden wrestled many times during his tenure, causing the public to question his situation and governing ability.Now that the presidential election is close, the Bayeng government needs to handle this topic.

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