Traditional, art and fashion meeting: "Night of the Art Expo" first staged in the Guangzhou Art Museum

On the evening of June 24th, the “Night of the Art Expo -Communication and Cultural Exchange Cultural Exchange Activities” was held at the Guangzhou Art Museum (Guangzhou Art Museum).
The exceptions of the Guangzhou Art Museum (Guangzhou Art Museum) and Exception and Fang Institute of Culture, for the first time, presented an unparalleled artistic and fashionable night.
The “Night of the Academy of Arts” combines tradition, art and fashion, and has rich activities.
On -site guest audience immersed in this artistic fashion journey:
First visit the “Wan Yan Fight -the Guangzhou Art Museum’s Tibetan Chinese Painting Art Exhibition” (third issue), and then participate in the launching ceremony of the Xinling South Cultural Innovation Designer Camp, the strategic cooperation of Xinling South Cultural Innovation Designer Camp and Digital ResourcesThe authorization signing ceremony is shared with the fusion and innovation theme salon of traditional art and contemporary design.Finally, the “Traditional Culture and Contemporary Art Fashion Clothing Show” was held on the first floor of the atrium.
Since its establishment in 1957, the Guangzhou Art Museum (Guangzhou Art Museum) has been committed to the collection and research of Chinese calligraphy and painting and Lingnan art boutique.In the wave of promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture, the “Xinling South Cultural Innovation Designer Camp”, which is led by the Guangzhou Art Museum and jointly cooperated with Fang Institute culture.
The project aims to transform the cultural resources of the museum into cultural assets with the theme design activities, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the Chinese excellent traditional culture through business cooperation.
Communication reconstruction, Chinese aesthetics shining
“Communication and reconstruction” is not only a concept, but also an action.
At the event site, the fruitful results of the “Xinling South Cultural Innovation Designer Camp” were concentrated, especially with the three treasures of the Guangzhou Art Museum, the Northern Song Dynasty, the “Bamboo Map” of the Northern Song Dynasty, and the “Bamboo Stone of the Eight Monsters in Yangzhou”.The “Hanmei Eight” Gong Xian’s “Yunshan Lieutenant Map” is a highlight of the inspirational clothing series.
The designers cast the shape of grass and stone with ingenious skills, and transmitted the mood of landscapes in the philosophy of clothing to inject the Chinese elegant style into contemporary clothing.”Mozhu Map Axis” and “Yunshan Establishment Axis” were reinterpreted. Take the shape of ink bamboo and pine needles in the paintings, and reborn at 1400 ° C at high temperature.Qi rhyme.
When the full digital printing reproduces the “Bamboo and Bamboo Cold Plum Caption” on the soft fabric, the plums are quiet and upward to be interpreted again, and women’s soft power emits the charm of “exception” again.
The ink landscape is painted with black and white on paper silk, creating its deep and elegant character.
Black, white, and earth color are the main colors, which are superimposed with printing, embroidery, and printing. Promote the level of clothing. The “God” and “shape” in the ink pen are now on the clothing.The use of lighting glazed, digital printing, ink black and white and other skills and colors make each piece of clothing exudes a unique oriental aesthetic atmosphere.Through modern design techniques, the classic and modern, tradition and fashion are perfectly combined, showing a different style.
The future is available, inheritance and innovation multiple measures
The activity of the “Commandment and Re -Establishment” cultural exchange launching ceremony is advanced. From bringing guests to visit exhibitions, tastors of cultural relics, understand the design inspiration of this fashion show, to the launching ceremony of the “Xinling South Cultural Innovation Designer Camp”, and in different industriesThe brand of the industrial background is jointly created.
At the event site, the strategic cooperation of the “Xinling South Cultural Innovation Designer Camp” and the signing ceremony of digital resource authorization were held to carry out mutual benefit of resource sharing, which promoted the long -term development of traditional innovation mechanisms and mutual trust cooperation with social forces.
In the “Convergence and Innovation of Traditional Art and Contemporary Design” theme salon sharing session, Luoqi, Dean of Guangzhou Art Museum (Guangzhou Art Museum), Dean of the Academy of Arts and Crafts of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Qi YanHu Bin, dean of the School of Art and Humanities, Li Yu, the artistic director of the Institute Group, and the CEO of Mao Jihong Art Foundation.
From the perspective of museums, enterprises, art colleges, etc., guests discuss the feasibility of traditional cultural innovation and look forward to the prospects of high -quality development of culture.
The “Night of the Art Expo” is not only a cultural feast, but also a deep dialogue between tradition and modern, past and future.
The exceptions of the Guangzhou Art Museum (Guangzhou Art Museum) and Exception and the three parties of the Fang Institute have cleverly merged the ancient charm to the trend, so that everyone can quietly feel the precipitation and new life of culture.The collision between ancient and fashion was witnessed, and the charm of cultural heritage and innovation was re -perceived.
Text | Reporter Liang Shanyin Zhu Shaojie Figure | Organizer provided

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