Training sports prescription Master promotes the integration of sports and health

  ”& Lsquo; manage your mouth, open your legs & rsquo; Skral health management can long no longer satisfy people’s pursuit of health. As a medical staff, it is urgent to improve the skills of opening the sports prescription. This is also what every health guardian should master.Skills. “After 3 days of 80 hours of online theoretical courses and offline practical teaching, Hu Yijun, a doctor from the Third People’s Hospital of Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, obtained the 2024 Hong Kong Jockey Club to help the sports prescription training certificate.Capability has become a compound professionals with fusion of sports and health. “I will continue to study solidly and strive to become an excellent promoter and practitioner of sports guards.” Hu Yijun said.

  Recently, the “2024 Hong Kong Jockey Club Assistance Sports Division Training” project, which was sponsored by the State Institute of Sports Sciences and the Chinese Sports Science Society, was launched at the Third People’s Hospital of Mianyang City.In accordance with the work deployment of the State General Administration of Sports to strengthen the construction of sports prescriptions, vigorously promote the prescription of sports, and speed up the construction of the professional talent team of sports prescriptions. This activity has continued for four years., Sports prescription science popularization activities and other content composition.This month, three sports prescriptions were held in Mianyang, Dujiangyan, and Ya’an in Sichuan, and a total of more than 360 professional talents of sports prescriptions will be trained.

  In the first stop of the event, a number of urban parks such as Sanjiang Sports Park in Sanjiang Sports Park in 2023 were built and opened, 5.5 kilometers of new urban green roads and 50 “Pocket Parks”.The masses exceeded 1.05 million people, laid the foundation for the deep integration of national fitness and national health, and also made the public’s urgent need to promote the scientific fitness of the citizens and increase the integration of large health.

  The relevant person in charge of Mianyang City said that the holding of the training course of the sports prescription will be trained and transported a group of outstanding medical prescription professionals with medical background.The exercise plan helps the public to achieve the goals of preventing diseases, strengthening physical fitness, and improving quality of life through scientific exercise, further deepen the reform of public sports services in Mianyang, and build a high -quality national fitness public service system.

  In order to improve the professionalism and rigor of training, in recent years, the Chinese Society of Sports Sciences has continuously improved the training system, rich training mode, and expanding training content in the training activities. Based on the training of conventional sports prescriptions, the “sports special” has been gradually launched.The research and development of the precise sports prescription course of “specific population” has created a systematic prescription system that can meet the needs of the human body and physical fitness of the Chinese, and further enables the level of the ability of the movement prescription to be more professional and accurate.

  Yang Jie, member of the Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Institute of Sports Sciences of the General Administration of Sports of the State Sport, said that with the strong support of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Institute of Sports Sciences of the State General Administration of Sports and the Chinese Sports Science Society launched Hong Kong in 2018Since the Jockey Society has helped the sports prescription training program, there have been 32 issues of relevant training. More than 3,000 general doctors, family doctors, community doctors, and sports system science and education workers have been trained to become a sports prescription.

  ”The training of sports prescriptions has been widely praised by all sectors of the society, and agreed that this is an active measure for the training and health service models that promote the integration of physical medicine and promote and implement the talent training of sports prescriptions.”The knowledge and skills you have learned are used in practical work, serving hospitals, communities, and families, and cultivated professional talents in sports and health sports prescriptions.

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