Wang Chunxin: Digital empowering national defense education

The National Propaganda Minister’s Meeting proposes “empowering the work of digitalization as a propaganda ideology.”The national defense education is an important part of the party’s propaganda and ideological work. It is the basic project to build and consolidate the national defense and the powerful people’s army. It is an effective way to promote the spirit of patriotism and enhance the awareness of national defense.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has attached great importance to the national defense education work, and has made a series of important decision -making deployments to promote the reform of the national defense education leadership system and mechanism in the new era.The social atmosphere of the army is stronger.In recent years, with the advancement of digital China, informatization, digitalization, and intelligent technology have been deeply developed, the “soil environment” of national defense education is undergoing profound changes. Scientific and technological empowerment will become an important force to promote the innovation and development of national defense education.EssenceThe 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to “promote the digitalization of education” and “deepen the national defense education.”In 2022, the “Opinions on Strengthening and Improve the National Defense Education Work in the New Era” issued by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission emphasized that it is necessary to promote the digital development of national defense education in the whole people, “Shangyun uses digital empowerment”, give play to digital technologyThe enlarged, superimposed, and multiplied effect on national defense education.In the practice of national defense education work, we should fully recognize the significance of digitalization to enable national defense education, establish the thinking concept of innovative development of national defense education in the digital era, innovate the path of digitalization to digital empowerment of national defense education, and strive to cultivate digitalizationThe work team that empowers national defense education continues to enhance the era and appeal of national defense education.
1. Digital empowering national defense education is an inevitable choice to do a good job of national defense education in the new era
General Secretary Xi Jinping once emphasized, “Where is a person, where is the focus of publicity and ideological work?”In the digital age, network information space has become a new way for people to produce and live, and it should also become a new battlefield and a new battlefield for our party to consolidate consensus.As an important part of our party’s propaganda and ideological work, the national defense education is important and significant to digitize the role of national defense education.
First of all, digital empowering national defense education is an important support for the development of the intelligent integration of national defense and the informatization of the army.EssenceThe report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized that “achieving the goal of building the army for 100 years and creating a new situation in the modernization of national defense and military” must be “adhere to the development of mechanization and information intelligence.”Digitalization is the main way to upgrade mechanized upgrading, the core technologies for information creation, and the basic support for the development of intelligent development.It also needs digital empowerment and uplifting.
Secondly, digital empowering national defense education is an important measure for the innovation and development of national defense education in the national defense education.EssenceIn the era of digitalization, the application of digital technology has greatly improved the quality and efficiency of work. To innovate and develop national defense education work, it is necessary to learn from the scientific and technological methods of digital China construction, make good use of digital tools, and use digital empowerment of national defense education as a national defense education innovation innovationImportant measures for development are grasped.After many years of development, although it has made great progress, it has made great progress, but there is still a lot of room for development in terms of education teachers’ strengths, detailed granularity of education scenarios, and educational effects.In the era of digitalization, people are almost inseparable from mobile phone networks. Many people are immersed in the “one person, one machine, one world”., Digitalized means to make a bridge.In the 20th century, some scholars preached: “In the future, everyone can become famous for 15 minutes.” In the era of the popularity of short videos and entered the public life, this prophecy has become reality, everyone can participate, everyone is from each other, everyone is self -contained.The media, everyone can create personal IP, but the premise is to attract the attention of the audience.In this era, traditional educational methods have been disappointed. How to improve the educational effect of national defense education in the digital age, to be attractive, appeal, and shape people. It also needs digital empowerment to upgrade and sublimate.
Third, digitally empowering the national defense education is an important technical means to seize the cognitive domain to fight against dominanceEssenceIn the Russian -Ukraine military conflict, the cognitive domain confrontation of the first spectrum perception ability, the related algorithms of artificial intelligence technology, and the powerful compassion behind them were organically integrated, showing a strong confrontation efficiency.Cognitive domain confrontation through “deep forgery” and “acceleration” and other methods, deliberately mobilize the emotion, perceptual experience and collective unconsciousness of the target group, release extreme speech, create extreme opposition emotions, abduct public opinion, and manipulate public opinion. This is based on the era of mobile Internet era.Cognitive confrontation of media cognition can already directly interfere with relevant government decisions, affecting the form, process, and even ending of the war.Cognitive confrontation in the Russian and Ukraine’s military conflict pointed out an important direction for the national defense education. In social life, hostile forces penetrate to me through emerging culture such as games and animation., Give the position in the hands.It is necessary to dialectically treat the “double -edged sword” nature of technological progress and popularization applications, grasp the laws, innovate the use, promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, dare to touch the enemy in the cognitive domain, and even strive to form a technical advantage that can give the opponent’s dimension to reduce the attack., Keep and pioneer the ideological position so that you can live a good “era” and “network closing”, keep the “Shang Ganling” in the information age, and master the initiative of the cognitive domain confrontation.
2. Digital empowering national defense education for the whole people must establish a new concept of national defense education and innovation and development
The concept is the pioneer of action.The era of digitalization is a new era. Digital empowering national defense education is the theoretical innovation and thinking changes. It is bound to be guided by scientific laws to establish a new concept of building.
First, it is necessary to highlight the concept of systematic promotion and increase digitalization of strategic management of national defense education strategic managementEssenceDo a good job of top -level design and planning guidance, clarify strategic goals and implement roadmaps, establish and improve the digital system of national defense education with overall layout, military -civilian integration, and flat war, improve the relevant policies and regulations of digitalization to enable national defense education, and press conclusionThe work goals, tasks, responsibilities, and implementation of various departments, nodes, and fields, strengthen supervision and management, and realize the coordinated and systematic advancement of digital empowerment of national defense education.
The second is to highlight the concept of innovation and promotion and strengthen technical researchEssence依托数字中国建设最新成果,紧盯新质生产力最新发展方向,组织军队、院校、研究机构和社会力量形成合力,利用信息技术、智能技术改造和全新设计全民国防教育的主体、客体、内容、Paths, methods, means, etc.
The third is to highlight the concept of security and advance, and strive to improve digitalization to empower the national defense education security security systemEssenceFully recognize and share objective reality with the convenience of data and data security, strengthen the standards and supervision and management mechanisms of security confidentiality data services, vigorously promote the establishment of data security confidentiality standards, strengthen relevant compliance evaluation, risk assessment, protection ability assessment, early warning, early warning, early warning, early warningConstruction of disposal capacity; encourage supporting research and development of data security confidentiality technology and products, in -depth research on the entire process of digital business, security confidentiality responsibility for the entire life cycle of data, data encryption technology and protection measures, create data security fortress, make digital technology more sufficient, compliant compliance compliance, Safe and reliably serve digitizing the education of national defense.
The fourth is to highlight the concept of sustainable development and strengthen the resource guarantee for digitalization to enable national defense educationEssenceDigital empowering the national defense education as an important part of publicity and ideological work and a strategic engineering for providing quality backup forces for national defense education, increase funding investment and overall planning, and gradually form a number of digitalized regional models and scenes that enable national defense education for national defense education.Cases, method patterns, and model cases to promote the comprehensive development of digital empowerment work.Further improve the construction of the national defense education talent system for digitalization, optimize the talent training mechanism, and focus on cultivating compound high -skilled talents with national defense education and digital ability.Establish a platform for cooperation and exchanges, and take innovative measures in the cultivation, use, introduction, and incentives of digitalization of national defense education talents.
3. Digital empowering national defense education, highlighting key links, working on the path of empowerment methods
Digitalization empowering national defense education must consider the laws of national defense education, digital methods, and main factors of defense education. By converting more national defense education physical resources into digital resources, with the help of data technology, interaction technology, application technology, security technology,Standard and standard support, rely on the construction of national defense education networks, connect the national integrated government service platform, build a platform that specializes in two ways of national defense education service platforms and national defense education knowledge embedded, to create a digital method, digital space, digitalization, digitalization, digitalization, and digitalization.Practice and digitalization and other means, cultivate the digital talent echelon of national defense education, strengthen the supervision of the digitalization of national defense education by mobilizing the diversified evaluation subject, build a multi -dimensional evaluation content, and expand the diversified evaluation channels.Laws such as guarantee, digital standards, etc. to ensure the implementation of digitalization of national defense education.
The first is to enrich the digital resources of national defense educationWe will strive to do a good job of digitalization of material resources such as digitalization of national defense education information resources, venue gardens and other material resources, digitalization of policies and systems, and other resources.
The second is to strengthen the digital technology support of national defense education, With the help of the new generation of digital technology (cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, meta universe, XR, network communication, software engineering, etc.), the enlarged, superimposed, and double effects of national defense education can be tappedThe advantages of data and rich application scenarios, empowering teachers and students in national defense education, educational application, education support, education data, and educational facilities.
The third is to optimize the digital platform of national defense education, Relying on the construction of the National Defense Education Network, docking with the national integrated government service platform, interact with China Military Network, National Defense Mobilization Network, Rebeling Network, Learning National Defense and other network platforms, and embedded in other platforms with special national defense education service platforms and national defense education knowledge.Various ways to support the operation of the national defense education system.
The fourth is the method and means to innovate the national defense educationTo achieve new teaching methods through digital empowerment, use intelligent technology and big data to support the basic attributes, needs interest, existing thinking maps and knowledge structure of intelligent testing, intelligent perception, historical learning traces, etc.And modeling it to generate visual multi -dimensional teaching objects, so as to provide important basis for precision teaching; use neural network technology, machine vision technology, intelligent voice technology and other real -time capture and record students’ learning dynamics, collect student behavior data, and collect student behavior data.During the teaching process, the teacher’s emotions, attention and educational goals are dynamically grasped, and the progress of the education and teaching process and strategy provides scientific detailed data support in a timely manner.Use scene -based teaching such as virtual reality and augmented reality to create immersive national defense education space, learn to understand national defense knowledge in a high degree of presence and understand the truth of national defense and defend national defense in a deep level.
Fourth, digital empowering national defense education, the key is to cultivate and use national defense educators with digital literacy
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “The key to doing well in China is the party, the key lies in people, and the key is talent.” Digital empowering the national defense education of the whole population, and also requires educational organizers and educational executors with digital competent power.The digital victory of educational organization managers and educational executors is the intersection of education reform and technology. It is not only the inevitable result of the development of the digital age, but also the development requirements for the development of high -quality composite implementation of national defense education in the new era.Therefore, digital empowering the national defense education of the whole people must take the digital of the subject of education as the starting point, and actively open up the “joint node” of digital empowerment of national defense education, so that national defense educators are good at using digital technology and carry out high -quality national defense education.Work to improve the quality of education and teaching.
The first is to find the role positioning of educators and clarify the direction of developmentEssenceThrough the definition of the concept of digital victory in national defense educators, we must consolidate the foundation of the digitalization of national defense educators in the way of clarifying the ability requirements and outline the responsibility of role responsibility.
The second is to grasp the core of digital empowerment of national defense education workers and improve digital literacyEssenceDigital empowerment is not a simple digital technology application. Digital competence is target -oriented capabilities.The national defense education work in the digital age not only emphasizes the integration of digital technology and discipline knowledge, but also requires educators to use digital technology to analyze and solve the problems of national defense education and teaching on the basis of mastering the structure of national defense education.Education workers should generate digital critical thinking, have digital creation capabilities, and become the integrationists of digital technology and creators of digital knowledge.
The third is to use training and empowerment as the starting point to promote the construction of talent teamsEssenceIt is necessary to continuously deepen the change of digital concept of national defense educators, deeply understand the “digital age” education teaching and research orientation, securely grasp the diversity of digital national defense education reform, the exploration and effectiveness of practice, and actively organize various national defense education at all levelsWorkers participate in the training of digital education capabilities, and effectively improve the digital literacy and skills of teachers from the aspects of building digital resources, creating an educational and teaching environment, designing education and teaching process, and innovative education and teaching evaluation of education.Teaching the consciousness and ability, understand the application scenarios and methods of digital technology in education, and constantly innovate education methods.At the same time, the establishment of a reward mechanism is established to encourage national defense educators to actively interact and communicate with front -line teachers and other education field experts, understand cutting -edge demand and technological breakthroughs, and enhance digital literacy and digital teaching capabilities.
Fourth, national defense educators must actively conduct digital teaching research and practice, improve the level of digital teaching researchEssenceNational defense educators should be good at using digital technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data to reform education and teaching.At the same time, some research -based educators with innovative awareness and ability can use digital technologies or digital facilities such as 5G, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and big data to build a new type of education and teaching environment and education and teaching space.In education and teaching, national defense educators must also help students to establish awareness of using digital technology and correct scientific and technological ethics, and guide students to participate in experimental, training and vocational skills competitions to help students show their talents.
Fifth, make good use of digital talents of national defense education and occupy the main position of the digital eraEssenceNational defense educators should strengthen their awareness of positions, and use “entering the Internet” as the focus of national defense education in the digital era.”Network” as a common basis that runs through the “seven advances” work, and promote more national defense educators to advance into the Internet main battlefield, optimize the allocation of national defense education resources with digital thinking, and use more high -quality national defense education content, advanced digital technology, professional talents, The project funds bring together the main position of the Internet and tilt towards the mobile end, so that the talent forces scattered under the Internet will enter the Internet as soon as possible, go deep into the Internet, make it bigger and stronger to strengthen the network platform, occupy the emerging spread of emerging communication, and improve the timeliness of national defense education.Targeted and penetrating.
[Author: Wang Chunxin, the Associate Professor of Zhengzhou Campus of Zhengzhou Campus of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Artillery Institute of Defense. This article is the phased research results of the provincial social science plan.2023zt061) “Staged Research Results]

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