When will Gansu travel well? It is best to travel to Gansu for a few months. After reading it, you must collect it.

Except for spring and autumn, summer (June-August) and winter (December-February) are not as suitable for tourism in the two seasons of spring and autumn, they still have their unique charm.In summer, Gansu, especially the Hexi Corridor area, has a high temperature, but at this time it is when the melon fruit in Gansu is fragrant, such as the melon in Lanzhou and the grapes of Dunhuang.Agricultural culture in Gansu.Although Gansu in winter is cold, Gansu has a lot of charm after the snow. Visitors can go to Gannan, Linxia and other places to enjoy the snow scene wrapped in silver and feel the scenery of the northern country.

When choosing to travel to Gansu, you need to consider some other factors.First of all, Gansu’s tourism season is greatly affected by the weather. Visitors are best to check the local weather forecast in advance before traveling in order to reasonably arrange the itinerary.Secondly, Gansu has rich tourism resources, but the best tourism season in different regions may be different.For example, Gannan’s best tourist season is mainly concentrated in summer and autumn, while the best tourist season in Dunhuang is mainly autumn.Therefore, when planning the itinerary, tourists should choose suitable destinations and travel time according to their interests and needs.

In short, the best season for tourism in Gansu is mainly concentrated in spring and autumn, but it also has its unique charm in summer and winter.When planning the itinerary, tourists should fully consider factors such as weather, tourism resources and personal interests, and choose the travel time and destination that suits them.At the same time, in order to better experience the culture and style of Gansu, tourists can also understand information such as local historical culture, folk customs in advance, in order to better integrate local life and culture.

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