Xiangyang Sanyuan Kindergarten carried out the theme education activity of "Small Drop World"

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Jingchu.com (Hubei Daily) News (Correspondent Yang Liu Wangsha) When the World Water Day arrived, in order to cultivate a good habit of developing a source of water protection and saving water from an early age, on March 22, the Sanyuan Kindergarten General Garden and Xiangyang of Xiangyang City CityThe government has carried out the “small water drop world” world water day theme education activities.

World Water Day theme education activity site.Correspondent drawing

“After washing your hands, don’t let the water flow in white; wash face water, laundry water, and waste water can be reused.” During the event, teachers used various educational forms such as children’s songs, stories, videos, and publicity boards to introduce the children to the childrenThe origin of the “World Water Day” and the current situation of the earth’s tight water.

Subsequently, the teachers introduced the good ways of water saving in daily life through the method of demonstration.Such as: Do not drive too much when washing your hands; close the water after using the water; water that can be used for rice and washing vegetables can be used to pour flowers, that is, nutrition and conservation; water at home can be washedWater faucet and so on.

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