Xinjiang Aksu City: Carry out tuberculosis publicity and protecting health defense line

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& emsp; & emsp; Aksu City takes the opportunity of the World Prevention and Tuberculosis Day as an opportunity, and closely focuses on the theme of “You and I work together to end tuberculosis.”Popular science propaganda activities have increased the citizens’ awareness and attention to the prevention and control of tuberculosis.

& emsp; & emsp; On March 22, at the Aksu Century Plaza, the Aksu Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center and the Aksu Health and Health Commission will jointly carry out publicity activities with volunteers at all levels of medical institutions.During the event, the staff and volunteers were explained in detail by setting up a publicity theme layout, distributed publicity materials, and on a variety of aspects such as tuberculosis, common symptoms, hazards, and how to spread.You answered the form of awarded question and answer, and printed the relevant knowledge of tuberculosis and the policy of benefiting the people in citizens, which improved the citizens’ awareness rate of tuberculosis.

& emsp; & emsp;Experts on the spot for the masses’ free clinic Sun Jihong photography

& emsp; & emsp; Wu Hong, chief of the Disease Control and Prevention Department of Aksu, said: “Today’s activity, our majority of citizens have a high degree of participation. We will hold more similar activities to allow the general publicRest, master the pathway and preventive measures of tuberculosis, effectively reduce the incidence. “

& emsp; & emsp; at the event, the staff conducted on -site free consultation services to measure blood pressure and blood sugar for the citizens for free, and sent free drugs.Knowledge, in addition to the videos of videos of tuberculosis prevention and treatment on the electronic screens of buses, taxis, shopping squares, cinemas, hotels, and other places, further deepening the citizens’ awareness of tuberculosis.

& emsp; & emsp; Citizen Li Xiaoli said: “Medical workers explain our knowledge of tuberculosis and improve our understanding of tuberculosis disease. I hope that in the future, our people will benefit more.”,”

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