Ye Hongmu, CEO of L’Oreal Group: Health and safety have become the standard for Chinese consumers to pay more attention

  China News Service, March 26th. China Development High-level Forum 2024 Annual Meeting was held on March 24-25, 2024.On the afternoon of March 25, the “Symposium on the release of new consumption and domestic demand potential release” was held. Ye Hongmu, CEO of L’Oreal Group, analyzed the four characteristics of the Chinese market in the “Group Discussion One” speech:

  First, the quality of the product is getting more and more attention.Chinese consumers’ requirements for products are getting higher and more complicated, and health and safety have become the standards for Chinese consumers to attach great importance. It requires enterprises to “listen to consumers and serve consumers” and actively invest in scientific research.

  Second, as new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data are increasingly enabled by enterprises, companies will be able to provide consumers with more personalized products and experiences.

  Third, enterprises actively promote green transformation.Whether it is an enterprise itself or upstream and downstream partners, it should be committed to the production of high -quality products such as safety, health, high -tech, and sustainability to achieve green development.

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